Wednesday, April 20, 2011


 After 4 sold out performances, the Morgan family held a party for all those who participated in Sankofa.  For the first time it took place in our barn.
After we finished eating, Clyde (#2)'s son started playing the big blue drum I made out of a plastic barrel.  Before too long his sister, father and Marcus joined in.  Turned into quite a jam.
 Many took turns.  I went back in the house and brought out my Irish drum, a tambourine, shakers and more sticks.
 It definitely brought out the smiles.
 What a pleasure it was to meet these very talented kids.

Each time we played, the bass drum started...then the sangba and finally the djembe.  Spontaneous and in a real groove.  People were dancing.  There is something to be said for drumming.

It could have gone on longer, but several had to drive back to New York City.