Wednesday, April 20, 2011


 After 4 sold out performances, the Morgan family held a party for all those who participated in Sankofa.  For the first time it took place in our barn.
After we finished eating, Clyde (#2)'s son started playing the big blue drum I made out of a plastic barrel.  Before too long his sister, father and Marcus joined in.  Turned into quite a jam.
 Many took turns.  I went back in the house and brought out my Irish drum, a tambourine, shakers and more sticks.
 It definitely brought out the smiles.
 What a pleasure it was to meet these very talented kids.

Each time we played, the bass drum started...then the sangba and finally the djembe.  Spontaneous and in a real groove.  People were dancing.  There is something to be said for drumming.

It could have gone on longer, but several had to drive back to New York City.  


Haddock said...

Nothing like getting into the beat. said...

I watched it. Awesome.

Is that you sitting at the drum.

Your a young mite of a lady.

Are they your sons????

Yes they play good.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

you do not know me,, I am a friend of Kim at Golden Pines- and found your awsome blog- and drumming,,, and I love admire that you all do it!
tweedles mommy